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About Konect365 online meeting software

About Us

Konect365 is an interactive and smooth cloud based audio and video conferencing solution developed by Cloudlity Softwares which enables the user to make audio and video calls with screen share and online chat options.

Konect365 is a software-based conference room solution used around the world for personal and professional meetings.

The solution has been developed by a good team of developers to help businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a secure environment. Konect365 allows 200 users to connect on the same time with great feature

  • High quality audio and video
  • Screen sharing with chat option
  • Security
  • Smooth conferencing
  • No login is required for guest user


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Why Konect365 ?

Why use konect365
  • Simple way to create/join the meeting
  • 200 users can connect on the same time
  • Solution is completely free of cost
  • Mobile friendly user interface

Free of Cost

Easy to use on Mobile and Desktop.

Connect with mobile application

We connect our client or team meeting with mobile app .This app free of cast avileble on play store

Time saved

At the point when an organization chooses to lead a physical gathering, it time should be spent booking a meeting room, making arrangements for the occasion itself, and afterward looking out for the unavoidable mavericks who will defer the beginning of the gathering. In any case, online gatherings wipe out these time-squandering minutes by offering simple to-utilize Web conferencing that laborers can access from the solace of their work area. You are saving lots of travel time as well. This remote access additionally permits individuals who aren't genuinely in the workplace to take part in gatherings, as business.com brings up.

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Recorded meetings.

There's something inalienably monotonous about the old meeting room meeting. It resembles, "Didn't we simply talk about that last week? For what reason are we discussing it once more?"

Fortunately, online gatherings are right off-base by giving the simple choice to record every gathering, along these lines guaranteeing that any potential cover from week to week can be alleviated by means of a basic audit of the last recorded gathering.

Konect365- free online meeting

Overall productivity boosts

For organizations that have telecommute approaches, the accessibility of online gatherings guarantees critical profitability increments, as web-gatherings calls attention to.

That is on the grounds that laborers who are carrying out their responsibility from home won't need to crash into the workplace on meeting days, which implies that the time they spare driving is time that can go toward boosting endeavor profitability.

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